Black Garlic Machine

black garlic machine

black garlic process standards, without adjustment, one-button operation)
Product Overview the large dedicated black garlic is a special high-temperature cleaning up the environment clean production black garlic devices. The air inside the enclosed self circulation, high temperature early effect of air filters repeatedly filtered to make the oven work indoors in a dust-free status. The studio for the stainless steel structure. Working indoor temperature is automatically controlled by the temperature controller, and automatic thermostat and time control device, together with automatic over-temperature power outage and alarm circuit control reliable, safe to use. Meet the electronic LCD Product details:
一、Product technical parameters
    1.1; (can be customized according to the user)
    1.7 heating rate: ≥ 5 ° C / min; (the whole average)
    Of 1.8 machine power: 9KW; 1.9 power: 380V, 50Hz;

all is automatic,

II. 1, program control, fermentation and production of auto-complete
   2, the power automatically display intuitive, clear,
   3,External supercharger to self-purification of air under pressure pulsation in the  

      form  Charged into the cavity, the to promote infiltration fermentation.
   4, an other equipment more than 75% energy saving
   5, the device is powered off the automatic adjustment function to automatically    
        adjust according to the original curve
   6, the outcome of the latest market and developed with standard operating 
       instructions and the new era of science and technology in Taiwan every quarter  
    7. Equipment with the world's advanced level
    8 black garlic automatically form a real-time display of the data.

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